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The hazards of premature ejaculation.

Retarder l'éjaculation prématurée is claimed to be a kind of sexual dysfunction however it can not be an adequate disease as it does not perform any consequences and symptoms. The ejaculation is considered to be premature if your average sexual intercourse does not last more that two minutes and you ejaculate earlier in most cases than your partner is satisfied. However if you together with you partner are get used to such short performances the cases can be neglected as will not bother you with any other consequences and symptoms. However you should note that during your life span the situation can worsen and the sexual performance can become shorter if the case is not diagnosed, examined and treated.

If the case of PE is indicated in patients after 50 it can be caused be age related diseases and will vanish when the reason will be eliminated. In most cases, however, in elderly patients the premature ejaculation is caused by an overall sexual dysfunction, meaning that the patient has troubles not only with ejaculation, but with erection, stability of the process and orgasm reaching. In such cases the patient needs a complex treatment, but also can use some useful techniques helping to control the sexual excite, the duration of the sexual intercourse and Traitement contre l'éjaculation précoce process. In elderly patients shorter in duration is considered to be a norm.

If the too fast ejaculation is indicated in younger patient, the case should not be neglected anyway. The medical examination will help to distinguish the reasons and to choose the proper medications for treating his special case. If untreated the too fast ejaculation being a sexual dysfunction can lead to more severe problems as total impotence and disability of normal natural sexual performance. In the case of younger PE the physicians and sex therapists are usually prescribing complex treatment implying remedies (being selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and affecting the brain parts responsible of the ejaculating function) and psychological therapy (implying distressing of the organism, special exercises for training the control function). During the therapy you should also consider such factors as physical workouts and general tiredness, emotional stir ups, mood boosters (as alcohol consumption even in small portions).

To process the effectiveness of the therapy you should deprive your life of interfering factors and in such a way to see whether the remedy is effective. When you reach the desired result you can slowly get down to your habitual life span while taking the remedies and continuing the exercises.

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